Automate Your Business Processes Today!!!

Every business has vital but time consuming tasks that require attention, but they don’t necessarily qualify as income producing activities. By automating those tasks, you can free up more of your time, and your employees time, so that you and they can focus on activities that do produce income..

Business Management as you’ve dreamed it should be

Linnworks Tools will provide you and your business with the tools and dependability that is needed to accurately operate your business with the bottom line in mind. With Linnworks Tools, your payroll expense and user errors will decrease drastically as we have automated the process of data entry for you, rather your using Quickbooks Online or ZohoBooks.

Time is Money

Every wonder how many hours a year you actually spend on data entry or data re- entry? A report by the FFIEC in 2014 estimated that on a small to medium business level, a single employee would spend as much as 960 hours a year on data entry. That’s ONE employee!!! With Linnworks Tools you will minimize those numbers drastically by automated these repeating task.

Linnworks Order Processing

Linnworks Tools and LinnSystems has teamed up to bring you the best of both worlds. With this integration you’re going to have access to 10+ integrations ranging from ebay to Amazon to Bigcommerce just to name a few. Guess What? It only gets better! LinnSystems now has a web based system and will include even more integrations! Linnworks can now manage your business from top to bottom. This includes shipping, ordering, accounting, CRM, and even your telephone system*!!!!

Track Stock Easily

Monitoring the items you sell can be a very time consuming task. Zoho Books automatically updates the quantity and the price of the item as they come in and go out of the business. With Zoho Books, you will know the exact quantity available and adjust it when needed along stock notifications.

Collaborate & Work Together

People are critical to every business. Be it your customers who bring in the money, your employees who help you run your business efficiently or the vendors who supply you with services or products. Zoho Books helps to manage them all from one place!.

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