Quickbooks configuration in linnworks tools.

As we already seen that how to install quickbooks connector app if you don’t still know how to do that. Please refer our first blog.

Following is the step to how to configure quickbooks in the linnworks tools.

Step 1
After logon into https://system.linnworkstools.com/, you need to update profile so it appears accordingly on your invoice and we can give you support.

Step 2
You need to purchase any subscription plan for 14 days trial period. You need to provide your credit card details. Please note that our system don’t store any payment card details.

Step 3
Now connect your quickbooks account with https://system.linnworkstools.com/. You need to login with your quickbooks account credentials and thereafter authorize the sharing of your data between linnworks tools & Intuit. Now, linnworks tools is authorized to connect with quickbooks for synchronization of your orders and other data.

Step 4
To map default charts of account for various sales order entries from quickbooks configuration page. Configuration allows you to manually map different type of accounts to give you flexibility to select in which charts of account your entries are made.

Step 5
Now we have assume that you already have account of quickbooks online. If you don’t have then create quickbooks online account before proceeding to the next step. Now it’s time to set up sales tax using sales tax using url “https://uk.qbo.intuit.com/app/salestax“.

Step 6
Next field to configure is asset account, if you can’t see any value in the asset drop down then you need to create new asset account based on the instruction given there.

Step 7
In similar way,

  1. For sales, purchase, undeposited funds accounts, you have option to choose what account already exist in the relevant drop down field. If you are not happy with the default account then you can create new charts of account in the quickbooks as per instruction given there.
  2. While selecting date for “Item on Hand Qty As of Date” field. You need to make sure you choose a date which is older than any of the orders coming from linnworks.net. I.e. you had sales order for as item ‘A’ on jan 2016 then your item ‘A’ must have stock on hand date before jan 2016. Otherwise quickbooks will not allow such orders to be entered.
  3. For “Default Payment Method ” field you need to select bank account in which your payment should be credited while payment method is default payment method.
  4. Other option like sync items, sales orders, purchase order are self explanatory by making them ON & OFF will change behavior of integration. Please leave them on by default.

Step 8
Click on save button to save configuration.
From the day after configuration, you can create your inventory, sales order and purchase orders.

Please watch video of quickbooks configuration in linnworks tools.

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