Inventory Management Software

One inventory for all sales channels

Imagine the scenario. You may have one inventory location – one set of stock in a single warehouse, but you have multiple online sales channels.

If you sell an item on eBay, you will have to update the available stock level on your other channels.

By using the automating process of Linnworks inventory management, any time an item is sold, every other channels will have its stock levels updated.

Work with suppliers, fulfilment and dropshippers

Do you have access to your supplier’s stock quantities, work with fulfilment centres or drop shippers?

Integrate stock feeds from suppliers with the inventory management system by creating a separate stock location, giving you access to all available stock.

Allocate orders directly to Fulfilment centres such as Amazon FBA, or automate orders to be emailed to your drop shippers.

Create 100 listings from 1 item

Wondered how you can get the most out of a product online?

Inventory management software allows you to link multiple listings and auctions to a single product, with automatic updates across all channels if an item sells.

Expand your market, and sell an item in 100 different ways on a variety of different channels.

Inventory information all in one place

Wouldn’t it be nice if you all your inventory information was in one place? No more multiple supplier sheets, images in different folders and description lost in old listings?

Inventory management software allows you to store this information, then when creating an item you can allocate several suppliers including their own codes and prices.

You can then write a product description and use cloud servers or your own site to hold multiple images of that product.

Best of all, this information can be pulled into the bulk listing tool and used to list on Amazon, eBay, Magento and Bigcommerce.