Following is the steps of how to install and configure ZohoBooks in the linnworks.

Step 1

To install Zoho Books app you need to first login in to and open application store. You click on zoho books application and install application.

Step 2

Once you installed app then you will receive confirmation email. Once you confirm your email address, you will receive second email which provides you login credentials.



Step 3

After logon into, you need to update profile so it appears accordingly on your invoice and we can give you support.

Now you need to login using those credentials and you have activated your trial account.

Zoho Books configuration in linnworks tools.

As we already seen that how to install app if you don’t still that how to do that.

Following is the step to how to configure quickbooks in the linnworks tools.

Step 1

After login into, You need to set up zoho details by using link.

  1. While configuring zoho details and zoho configuration Please make sure you has to logged in with your zoho book account.
  1. Click on Generate Token button and copy authtoken.

Paste generated token in token textbox and next click on connect button.

Step 2

Now you need to configure zohobook details by using link.


Please set up your Organization by selecting Your Organization from dropdown.

Please set up your sales account from sales account dropdown.
If you do not found the sales account from dropdown then you need to create account  with account type income.                                        

Please set up purchase account from Purchase account dropdown.
If you do not found the purchase account from dropdown then you need to create account with account type expense.

Please set up Asset account from Asset account dropdown.
If you do not found Asset account from dropdown then you need to create account with assets account type stock.

Other option like sync items, sales orders, purchase order are self explanatory by making them ON & OFF will change behavior of integration. Please leave them on by default.

Please click on save Configuration and save configuration.

Step 3

You need to purchase any subscription plan for 14 days trial period by clicking link. You need to provide your credit card details. Please note that our system don’t store any payment card details.

Step 4

Please add custom field in zoho book for sales order setting. For adding custom field go

Settings -> Preferences -> Sales then custom field tab add following values in custom field.

Step 5

Please set purchase order number manually.

Note :  Zoho Books connector supports only UK and USA edition.


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