Take control of your sales process with powerful added functions

Linnworks offers a suite of powerful functionality as standard, including email notifications for specific events, such as order dispatch, returns and exchange bookings. These can include powerful conditional and scripted options to change the content of the email based on the order it is generated from.

Linnworks supports scripting, via the Macro Scripting tool, which can be run as part of the sync to allow it to perform additional functions. It can allow you to interface Linnworks with other programs and web services outside of the ones listed on this site if needed. This functionality can be developed by Linnworks specialists or by your own staff if they have development experience with C#.

The Sync process that downloads orders from your online selling channels, and returns stock levels, can also include Imports and Exports of order information and other details. You don’t need knowledge of scripting to get Linnworks interact with files on your PC, or information feeds from remote web or FTP servers.

These options allow you to automate even more tasks that would normally consume staff time, and further increase the speed and efficiency of your business.

Optional features

MeanRepricer is offered as a free part of your Linnworks Subscription if you are on Standard or above. MeanRepricer allows you to define minimum and maximum price levels for you Amazon listings, so that you can work to keep your product prices lower than the competition.

Linnworks Analytics is available to Customers on Professional or above subscriptions. It allows you to create highly detailed, customised reports from the information in your Linnworks product and sales databases to look for trends in your business.

The Linnworks API functionality is available to subscribers on Anywhere Standard or above. It allows external programs to interact with the Linnworks database on our servers, and is also used by our Handheld Terminal software.

Our EPOS software integrates into the Linnworks system seamlessly, allowing your Brick and Mortar shop to be included in your order and inventory level records in Linnworks. This means products sold in your shops will be reflected in your online stock availability quickly and seamlessly.